Is This The End Of Zari Hassan And Diamond Platnumz Love?

Written By : melvine

Zari recently lost the father of her other 3 boys, Ivan Semwanga, in South Africa but he was buried in Uganda.

We all noticed Diamond Platnumz of his family were not by Zari Hassan’s side the whole time. Maybe it was due to the family dispute that was happening in Uganda. Well we ¬†thought after the burial since Zari was just in Uganda and Diamond in Tanzania the two love birds will find time for one another.

This is far from the case as Zari is already back in South Africa with her children and they did not see each other at all. The fact that there are so many rumors about Hamisa Mobeto being pregnant with Diamonds child does not help the situation at all.

Word on the street is that Hamisa Mobeto is around 5 months pregnant with Diamond’c child and Diamonds mother knows all about it.

We all know Zari is a very proud woman as any woman should be and if the rumors are true will she stay with Diamond or leave his ass?


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