Diamond Set To Launch His Own Perfume Line Called “CHIBU”

Written By : melvine

When it comes to his music many will agree with us that he makes very good music and he is quite an entertainer too. His talent has helped him make a good life from the kind he had before.

Diamond who was born in poverty is now worth $4 million which is equivalent to Kshs. 405 million.

Diamond is one of the most successful Bongo star and artist in Africa. He is proof that your background does not determine your future.

Apart from his music life, his personal life has been surrounded by so many rumors. Diamond who is dating Ugandan beauty, Zari Hassan, has been accused of so many infidelity and even rumored that his relationship with ari has lead to his family fallout as his mother and sister do not get along with Zari.

His relationship with his fellow Bongo star, Alikiba has also not been good as the two have had beef for far too long now.

Their love-hate friendship took a new twist when Alikiba accused Diamond’s manager of sabotage during Chris Brown’s Mombasa concert, after Kiba’s mic was cut off and asked to leave the stage mid performance.

He alleged that Chibu’s manager who was backstage yet he was not authorised to be there, must have had something to do with Ali kiba’s mic being cut off, allegations he vehemently later denied.


Apart from all that, Diamond who is expecting his second child with Zari, has decided to invest his money well. He recently bought a house in South Africa but that is not all.
Your favorite superstar Diamond is set to launch his own perfume sooner than we thought.

His perfume is named after himself, CHIBU, and will be in stores soon.

We have to give him Praise for that, as we all know fame is unpredictable, it can be over anytime and if you have nothing to fall back on, you go back to poverty.

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