Is Diamond Platnumz Using Huddah Monroe To Get Back At Zari Hassan

Written By : melvine

Call her Huddah Monroe, Diamond Platnumz calls her “Ulimbo”. Well your favorite hustle queen, Huddah, is one lady not to mess with.

Huddah and Zari Hassan used to be best of friends over the past years but this year we witnessed their friendship falling out. Things got so nasty between the ladies and s you know Huddah never holds back when she is having a disagreement with anyone.

This is what Huddah shared on her snapchat during their disagreement

‘“When you think your man is yours kumbe he is ours. And I ate and dined w both of u” “LOL. Having kids with someone to tie him down doesn’t mean he won’t leave.” “The little boy is public property you order him like pizza” “Don’t hate the player or the game, hate yourself Madam!”

Zari knowing very well that Huddah and Vera do not get along, she went ahead and invited Vera Sidika to Princess Tiffah birthday, yes Huddah was not invited.

The two women currently do not get along and it is rumored that that the main reason for their fallout is because Huddah used to be Diamond Platnumz side dish. Apparently Huddah and Zari are currently sworn enemies.

Well recently Zari posted a picture of Ivan, her ex-husband, on social media promoting his upcoming show in Uganda, Diamond decided to post Huddah Monroe on his social media and announced that Huddah will be part of the wasafi beach party this weekend. To make it worse he even called her “Ulimbo”.


Are Diamond, Huddah and even Zari pulling a publicity stunt to promote the wasafi beach party or is Diamond trying to pull the “tit for tat” game?

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