Is Diamond Platnumz Mother Shading Hamisa Mobetto

Written By : melvine

Drama at the Dangote’s family is not ending anytime soon and seems like Diamond’s mother is the one running the show at the moment.

Last year during her birthday we all witnessed how she was having Hamisa Mobetto by her side and feeding Zari Hassan cake with her left hand.

Seems like the love between Sandrah and Mobetto is all dead.

After Hamisa leaked pictures of herself and Diamond in bed and even revealed that prince Dyllan was Diamonds baby things have not been quite peaceful between Sandrah and Mobetto.


Sandrah has been busy posting pictures of Zari Hassan and her babies but her captions we can agree are meant for Hamisa.

Some argue that the hate between Hamisa and Sandrah is due to the fact that Sandrah’s current hubby used to date Hamisa’s mom.

Others claim is all because Hamisa is not as innocent as she is trying to make people believe.

Lets just grab more popcorns because this drama is not ending anytime soon.

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