Diamond Platnumz Gets Ambushed At a Kibanda

Written By : melvine

Diamond Platnumz was ambushed by unknown men. You probably wondering why, well Diamond  was in the company of three women in his car when they stopped at a kibanda in Sinza Afrikasana, Dar es Salaam to buy chips.


Several men surrounded his car his car wanting him to get of his car so they can see the women that Diamond was in the car with. This forced Diamond to speed off from a kibanda in Sinza Afrikasana, Dar es Salaam.


Apparently the men were suspecting that Diamond, the salome singer, was cheating on his pregnant wife Zari. The ambush started when a waitress brought chips and one of the women in Diamonds car opened the window to collect the takeaway. The Woman was seated  back passenger seat.


“The woman who had ordered chips lowered the passenger window, received the fries and rolled the windows up before Diamond Platnumz accelerated to a near 120kph speed,” a source told Tanzania’s Global Publishers.


“On that night I was with my friends; three women, among them Queen Darlin. We had stopped by the roadside eatery to buy food as we had camped in studio the whole day.

While there, I saw a crowd of men surrounding my car and demanding I get out. I was not sure about their intention, and speeding off was the only thing I could do.” said Diamond when he was reached by Global Publishers for a comment.

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