Diamond Platnumz Calls Out Zari Hassan For Cheating On Him

Written By : melvine

When it comes to Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz relationship we all know the one person that has been rumored a lot to be cheating on the other is Diamond.

With rumors of him sleeping with Huddah Monroe while Huddah and Zari were really good friends to Hamisa Mobetto current pregnancy, Diamond’s name has been very common on the cheating scene.

He took it to social media to try and turn the coat to Zari’s side by sharing a picture of Zari in a jacuzzi with another man.

Below is the picture he shared

Zari being the strong woman that we all know she is did not take that nicely. She went ahead and shared the following pictures making Diamond looking like a fool.

From the pictures above it is impossible to claim Zari was cheating when she was there with her son Raphy and most importantly the mans wife was there too and she is the one who took the picture.

Zari has so far deleted the two pictures from her Instagram page.

Hamisa Mobetto must be laughing her lungs out wherever she is.

Is this the end of this relationship or is it just a publicity stunt?

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