Dashiki Inspired Fashion Style And Designs You Need To Try Out

Written By : melvine

One thing you have to love so much about African fashion is that there are absolutely no rules when it comes to rocking this style. This post is going to focus on Dashikis, over the years many have associated Dashikis with men’s wear but  as creative and talented as we fashionistas are we have managed to create a whole new look with Dashikis and am mostly proud of women’s Dashiki wear.

Truth is Dashiki wear was revived by Wiz kid, who is a Nigerian super Afro-pop star  when his music video of song “If I Show You My Money” was recorded but we have to admit Dashiki wear are the new hottest trend.

One fact though when it comes to Dashiki style is that they are beautiful piece you need if want to show the world your true colors in nothing short of style and elegance.

Dashiki is just a fabric and there are many outfit you can make from it, take a look at all the different things you can do with it.

Pair of pants


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