Celebrity-Approved Ways to Style a Choker

Written By : melvine

Necklaces are one of the major fashion accessory that you just must own. We have witnessed the fashion trend in necklace changing from being extra-long necklace to the exact opposite.
When it comes to necklaces, chokers, are the ones that have not only spiked to fame but gotten so much love from the celebrities too.

The beauty about chokers is that it never interferes with your outfit instead it compliments your whole look. Chokers is all about the cool-girl nod to ’90s grunge

To learn how to style a choker, here are your favorite stars who act as shining examples of choker-wearing greatness


Kendall Jenner styled a micro-skinny one with a sporty crop top and leggings. She look very sporty yet very chic and stylish.

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