How To Care For Your Braids So They Always Look New And Neat

Written By : melvine

Wearing braids is probably one of the easiest hairstyle you can be rocking this long holiday. Fact about braids is that it isn’t a one or two week’s hairstyle, it is that hairstyle you can have on for like a month.

As much as we can wear braids for like a month after two weeks braids tend to look tired and rough and old but you do not need to take them off all you need is to give the braids better maintenance.

These the braid maintenance guide to make your braid looking all nice throughout the period you have them on.


Re-do the edges

After some time of having your braids on the edges are always the first place to go. If you are in this situation do not hesitate, just go to the saloon and get your edges done.

Then get a hot water and gel treatment to make your braids brand new.

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