This Is How You Can Grow Long Beautiful Natural Hair

Written By : melvine

We ladies all know that getting our hair to grow long is a real struggle, and it is even worse when you have that friend with natural long hair that is just beautiful.  Our hair can grow to a certain length then just stop, that’s basically the time we feel that our hair isn’t growing at all and it is so annoying.

Do you want to have long beautiful hair? Well try these simple things and you will be impressed how fast your hair will grow.


Moisturize your hair

One thing for certain is that our hair is prone to dryness, the dryness leads to hair breakage. Hair breakage prevents your hair from getting longer. The trick is to moisturize your hair daily. This will help your hair retain length by reducing breakage.

Opt for oils like coconut, shea butter, jojoba.

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