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Diamond Platnumz Blasts Hamisa Mobetto Online.

The love triangle between diamond, Zari and Hamisa is just getting tiresome , anyway lets get to the juicy stuff before we start yawning.

Hamisa Mobetto just had a baby and she has been going extra mile letting it known to the world that the father of her new baby boy is Diamond Platnumz. She started off by calling herself ‘mama Dee” ok Hamisa we get it Diamond was denying your baby.

Diamond and Hamisa have definitely been dating for a while now, there is no denying that but the whole time they have kept their affair a secret meaning Hamisa was cool being the side chic.

Now Hamisa is acting like she want public recognition from Diamond, that not now ‘secret side chics” act, they stick to their lane and let the main chic stick to hers.

I personally think Diamond is publicly denying the baby but when the curtains close he is being a full hands on dad to Hamisa’s kid, so what is her problem?

Anyway if Diamond if the father then he need to stop this immature behavior of denying responsibility and just call a spade a spade.

Yesterday Hamisa did the naming ceremony of her baby and revealed the baby name on Instagram. She obviously named the baby after Diamond’s father, Abdul Naseeb.


Diamond was clearly not impressed by Hamisa sharing the name on social media because he went to Twitter call Hamisa a “Bitch”,

Truth is both Diamond platnumz disrespected her relationship with Zari Hassan by not only sleeping with Hamisa but making her pregnant too.

Hamisa knew the whole time that Diamond was in a relationship with Zari Hassan and they had two children but she was cool the whole time being “mpango wa kando” so she need to calm herself down and enjoy the ride from her lane.

As for Zari Hassan, she is truly beautiful and very smart but she need to decide on whether she wants to keep up with Diamond disrespects or not because Hamisa is just the first one there are many more to come.

That said lets wait as the episodes keeps unfolding.

Nigerians Attacks Vera Sidika For Her Continuous Rant About Ex Boyfriend.

Apparently i was not the only one who was getting tired about Vera Sidika continuous rant about how her ex Nigerian Yomi, have a small penis.

So you all remember when it was all love between Vera Sidika and Yomi, she would travel to Dubai to visit him and stay at Burj Khalifa with him for months? We thought they were serving us relationship goals little did we know that Yomi is a violent man and Vera has been on the receiving end.

Anyway we glad Vera walked out of that situation  but since then she has been airing Yomi’s dirty laundry to the world.

Just to be clear Yomi is the one who started this war by leaking Vera Sidika’s nudes.

After ranting for sometime how Yomi is a Yahoo boy with a small manhood, Vera decided to enjoy her holiday and never address the issue with her ex again.

This did not last long enough because someone hacked Vera’s Instagram page and gloves came right off with her accusing Yomi for the act.

Below is what she shared:

Since it was not the first  time of Vera going on a rant on Snapchat, the Nigerians did not take all that ranting easily and they fired right back at her.

Did Diamond Platnumz Just Hint At Marrying Zari Hassan Soon?

The relationship between Diamond and his baby mama Zari Hassan has been through a lot of rough paths and Hamisa ‘s pregnancy made it all worse.

When we heard Hamisa might be the next baby mama to Chibu, we all thought Zari Hassan will call it quits with her musician bae but no she stood for her family.

The couple have two children, Latiffah and Nillan Dangote, so maybe quickly giving up on the relationship was not an option for Zari and Diamond.

Anyway today being the South African Women’s Day, Diamond shared a picture on Zari on his Instagram page but the caption got people speculating what he did mean.

Below is the caption and the picture

Does that mean the couple has finally decided to tie the know or are they just empty words?

Anyway lets hope its a wedding and we get the invite.

Hamisa Mobetto Gives birth To A Bouncing Baby Boy

After months of speculating about Hamisa Mobetto’s pregnancy she finally gave birth to a bouncing baby boy yesterday.

Hamisa’s pregnancy has been the talk of town for quite a while now with people trying to guess who the father of the baby is.

Well she finally gave birth  yesterday and from the Instagram posts she liked seems like she is admitting to Diamond Platnumz being the father of her new baby boy.

Congratulations Hamisa Mobetto on your new born.


Weight Loss Tips That Actually Works.

So many theories are on the social media about weightloss and getting that perftect toned body, not all of them are true.

Some of these information about weight are actually misleading and you can end up adding more weight and fat to your body.

Eating carbs does not make you fat, that is a fact but over eating carbs and not working out actually is what makes you fat.

Working out does not necessarily means going to the gym but it is all about giving your body as much movement as you can.

Cardio on the other hand help you with whole body fatloss but if you want to have toned body then you need to incooperate heavy lifting to your workouts.

No matter how much you work out if you do not practice clean eating then all that hard work will be useless.

Do you want to have abs?

Abs are made in the kitchen and toned at the gym so no matter how many crunches you do without clean eating your abs will continue to hide under your belly fat.



Hamisa Mobetto Is Making Pregnancy Look So Hot in These Pictures.

When you hear Hamisa Mobetto many things will come to your mind both positive and negative.

Hamisa is currently pregnant and her pregnancy has raised so much rumors, maybe they are true we just do not know. She has been topic on social media with many people trying to guess who the father of her baby is.

Some claim it is Diamond Platnumz since word on the street is, the two have been an item for quite some time while others claim it is Majizo.

Majizo is her ex boyfriend and also the father to her first baby Fantasy.

All in all she Hamisa has rocked her pregnancy with so much style and grace

We wish Hamisa mobetto all the best during her pregnancy and safe delivery.

Princess Tiffah Dangote Birthday Preparation Is Hilarious

Some mothers would love if their little girls are all girly but other mothers just dont mind. Many women when they give birth to baby girls they want the girls to be adored in pink and be like a princess.

Well when it comes to Princess Tiffah you get both the girly part and the boyish feature in her.

Real talk my aunty Esma can't walk in heels but look how easy kapisy this is🤗

A post shared by Tiffah Dangote👸 (@princess_tiffah) on

Her birthday which is on Monday has made Tiffah show us a new use of lip.gloss and yeah she applied lip gloss on her nails and actually treated it loke a nail polish.

Earlier preparing for my bday photo shoot.💅… and she said it's 💋but I continued who would have noticed. It's just a shoot

A post shared by Tiffah Dangote👸 (@princess_tiffah) on

From glitery gifts she has already started receiving to a photoshoot, her birthday will be held in South Africa and she will be turning 2 yrs old.

Happy birthday in advance Lattifah Dangote, may the Gods bless your path always.

Is Zari Hassan And Diamond Platnumz The East African Power Couple?

This past weekend was definitely a weekend of the Chibus.

With the couple having a a small #baecation in Mombasa then hosting at BClub Nairobi the social media has been all about them. They are currently serving some serious couple goals. from jet skiing to partying out the duo have really enjoyed Kenya.

The people on Instagram, which we can be safe to say mostly Tanzanians, were absolutely not impressed with the fact that Zari had to take a small holiday with her bae.  They kept insulting her and condemning some of the things she was doing, like kissing diamond while on Instagram live, to her dressing.

One thing they did not know or just forgot about was, there is no bad publicity.

Since they publicized Zari Hassan so much she managed to trend on Instagram the whole and now the same people who made her trend are starting a , stop posting zari.

Anyway Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan did serve some serious couple goals over the weekend and their life our entertainment.

Pictures From Zari Hassan And Diamond Platnumz Baefication In Mombasa

Some of you probably don’t like her while others just love everything about Zari Hassan but fact is she has quite a force on the social media.

You know how the say no publicity is bad publicity well Zari is one famous lady on social media pages, whether you are talking evil about her or praising her she can actually trend on social media for a long time.

this weekend Zari Hassan and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz ere in  Mombasa for a small getaway and they did trend a lot on Instagram and some Facebook pages.

Many people argued that they showed too much on social media while others praised them and probably drooled all over the pictures.

Here are some of the pictures from there stay at Englishpoint Mombasa

use the arrows below to view the next pictures

Rest In Peace Big Kev.

TruBlaq founder and CEO has passed on.

Kenyan celebrities and fans of Big Kev are mourning the death of a talented star. Big Kev was mentor, a soldier his death has left a huge hole in the music industry.

After battling brain tumor for some time many people hoped he would recover and get back to his feet but God had other plans for him.

Below are some of the attributes celebrities shared

Redsan..   There’s no mistake in Gods work. we have to believe that God has a better plan for all of us. I pray that your family finds patience in this hard time. We will miss you big kev

dj hypnotiq.. So sad my brother. Thank you for all the endless opportunities you gave me through my dj journey. Words cannot express how heart breaking this is. RIP bro 😢

kristoff…RIP strong man,, may u rest with the angels

bigpin..You fought a good fight…..See you on the other side…..R.I.P

dr ofweneke…It is well……..R.I.P Sir!

Nonini…Mola Muweke pema peponi…True soldier and fighter! Inspiration to many…my deepest condolences to the family.

Tallia Oyango..In my going out and coming in … ❤💔🙏

Dj Krowbar…Big Kev founder and CEO of Tru Blak events went to be with the lord. See you in heaven sir..

Gidi Gidi..RIP Brother till we meet again

Dj mistadru..Rest well Big Kev. My condolences to family and friends. May God comfort you during this trying time. It is well

May your soul rest in Eternal Peace Big Kev