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We Just Cant Beat Beyonce outfit Details….. Perfection!

Yes Beyonce show us how to slay like a billion dollar.

Beyonce recently attended a Tidal party and she did dress like billions of dollar and carried a clutch to make that statement.

When it comes to Beyonce everything is always perfect, all she does is make statements and this red carpet look was just elegant.

The jewelry, the hair, the emerald dress the purple fur, we just cant get enough of Beyonce.

When you worth billions of dollar and you dress just like that… we give in Queen Bee teach us how to slay.

Below are pictures of her outfit detail

Huddah Monroe Fashion Style That You All Ladies Should Copy.

I think we can all agree that not everything our Huddah says is the smartest but it is her opinion.

Anyway it is Wednesday and we have to share with some of our best looks from Huddah Monroe.

With her slim thick body she nails both trousers and dresses very perfect and we cant deny that.

Since it is Wednesday and we have been crushing on how she nails her trouser outfit we have selected just a few for you to help us crush on.

One thing i always say when it comes to fashion, always feel free to copy someone’s look so long as you can nail it and if you can even make it better then let no one stop you.

So all our beautiful ladies here are some really amazing looks from Huddah Monroe that you should copy.

Zari Hassan Office Look Is Worth Crushing On

You all know i love me some zari and truth is i have been crishing on her office look like everyday of the week. She makes it look so sexy, elegant, stylish but still very presentable.

It is just amazing how she nails both office look and home lounge kinda look. She manages to keep her look office presentable but she can rock the same outfit for a night out after work.

Most of her outfit are easy to find and her looks can easily be copied that is why i keep on loving her fashion.

For those who want to argue that her clothes are cheap, to me fashion is all about making cheap clothes looks very elegant and very expensive and that is what she does all the time.

So this Wednesday let us take a look at some some her best office look and take a page from our own books.


Hamisa Mobetto Throws Prince Dee A Party.

Weekends are definitely turning out to be my favorite days just because so much gossip, drama and throwing shade happens over the weekend.

This past Friday is the the famous Prince Dee party.

For those who dont know Prince dee, he is Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz baby boy.

Ok not to be shady or anything but normally when we hear it is a party for Diamonds kid we expect so much than what we got from Prince Dee’s party.

So the party happened on Friday night at King Solomon hall but the baby was a no show. Since it was evening we get why the kid was not there which was actually very smart.

We also witnessed that no one from Diamond’s family was in attendance and  neither was Diamond. This is kinda sad though.

Kionjo Party ya Prince Dee wa @hamisamobetto na …….???

A post shared by President Shilawadu (@soudybrown) on

I think the party was for Hamisa Mobetto and her mother so i dont get why they named it Prince Dee’s party.

Anyway on a very positive side Hamisa rocked the party in am amazing blue dress and she changed her outfit three times all looking fabulous.

Good job Hamisa on having an amazing night and looking fabulous though it all, you deserved to let your hair down .

Below are the other outfit change we witnessed from Hamisa

Zari Hassan Shuts Down Millimani City, Tanzania

This past weeekend was quite an interesting one. If you are a fan of Instagram then you will probably agree with me when i say Zari Hassan is one of those celebrities that gets major insults and hate on that site.

Am talking insults about her sex tape, dental formula, her kids are always insulted too and her age is a subject of discussion.

The hate grew even bigger when Hamisa Mobetto had a baby with Diamond Platnumz making many people believe that Hamisa is going to be the next big name in Tanzania.

Well things did not turn out as expected because Diamond and Zari are still holding on to their relationship and seems like they are still working things out.

On Saturday we all got to witness the love that Zari Hassan received in Millimani City where she was opening a new branch for #Danubehome.

She was literally the center of all attraction dressed in all Gucci.

Part 1. #Danubehome #MlimaniCity courtesy of #GSMgroupofcompanies

A post shared by Zari (@zarithebosslady) on

Zari Hassan pulled a crowed that was chanting her name making us wonder who are those people who always insult her on social media.

Part 2…… honoured to be in the presence of The Minister of Trade (Tanzania)

A post shared by Zari (@zarithebosslady) on

Whether you love her or hate her she is busy cashing in the check even if it means taking the deal from Hamisa Mobetto LOL.

Well you got to love Zari Hassan’s fashion.


Kenyans On Twitter Attack Sauti Sol

Kenyans on Twitter are savage.

When it comes to ranting, rant all you want but dont take it to Twitter because KOT have zero chills and will show you no mercy.

Sauti sol found themselves on the receiving end when they shared a tweet that was well received by KOT.

You all know how Sauti Sol like dressing up in those tight pants, basically their dressing code? Seems like many people have just been studying them and anxiously waiting for that day that they will get a chance to lash out at them.

Below is what actually Sauti Sol tweeted :

In all honesty i do not think they meant it in a negative way whatsoever, they were just trying to pass a message.

Well here are some of the response they received, they are kinda funny though.

Anyway it is never that serious when it comes to social media so laugh your heart out and have an amazing Friday the 13th.

The Zari Hassan We Know Is Back!!

Seems like all the drama Zari Hassan has been through is exactly what she needed to bring her boss self back.

2017 is the year Zari will always remember the heartbreak she has faced this year very few of us would still remain standing. Zari lost Ivan earlier this month and few months later her beloved mother passed on too but that was not all because Diamond and Hamisa had a baby like 2 months ago and apparently their affair has been ongoing long before Wema Sepetu was Diamond’s girlfriend.

Anyway after going through all this we are witnessing zari the boss lady coming back to the surface. This is the Zari Hassan we know and love.

From managing Broklyn Colleges to hosting enterprenual speech zari seems to be back with a bang and we love it.

Zari Hassan will be in Nairobi on 17th November teaching audiences how to use social media to grow their brand.

Seems like Zari just did a photoshoot for Merceedes Benz Pretoria branch and the pictures are very elegant.

Below are her merceedes photoshoot

Finally on 21st December the bosslady will be in Uganda for her famous, Zari All White Party.

I love this new Zari compared to the old one that was all over Diamond Platnumz.

Do you Zari. A lot of young people are looking upto you and clearly your work can inspire them alot compared to your love life.


Is Hamisa Mobetto’s Son Being Sidelined By The Dangote Family?

Some rejoiced when Hamisa leaked pictures of herself and Diamond in bed, many praised her calling her Zari Hassan’s karma.

Was it really a good move for her to release the pictures online?

Well if you thought that was a bad move then you will probably agree that going ahead and suing Diamond for child support when Dyllan is only 2 months old is not the best move either.

Others would agree and i personally second the fact every father should be responsible for their children and pay child support that said Hamisa Mobetto seems to be suing Diamond out of nothing but spite.

Anyway after many on social media attacked Prince Nillan, Bi Sanura,Diamond’s mother, has shown clear support to Zari’s children but posting them nearly everday and not even acknowleding Dyllan,Hamisa’s son.

I dont think her failling to post Dyllan means she is not acknowleding him, thruth is there is alot of tea ongoing in the Mobetto Dangote family that we are yet to find out.

Anyway do you think its fair Mama Dangote is not posting Dyllan on her Instagram page but always posting Tiffah and Nillan?

Who Is Nillian Dangote’s Biological Father?

Rumours have been everywhere ever since Zari Hassan revealed prince Nillan’s face to the public.

Many have claimed that the innocent little boy is nothing like Diamond Platnumz but everything like Ivan Ssemwanga, may his soul RIP.

Well in the midist of all the Dangote drama word on the street is that Diamond did travel to South Africa for Zari Hassan’s birthday and did a secret DNA test on Nillan to reveal the parternity of the young boy.

While people are claiming that indeed Diamond is not the father, Zari has come out defending the allegations and making it clear that Diamond is indeed the father of Nillan.

Diamond Platnumz mother seems to also be in her grandson defense because she shared a picture of Nillan with caption, Tanzania Boy.

Honestly Zari you need to distance yourself from all these Tanzanians including Diamond and his family. I am sure raising those kids cant defeat you its time to leave this Tandale boy alone.


Zari is actually a brand and at this rate if she do not take control and distance her name from all these drama then she will loose the value of the brand she worked so hard to build.

Zari be the strong woman we know and leave this little boy, Diamond, he still need some growing up to do.

Hamisa Mobetto Sues Diamond Platnumz For Child Support

Drama in Diamond’s life is not going to end anytime soon.

You all remember the recent interview he recently had at Clouds fm Tanzania? During the interview he claimed to have been a responsible father to Hamisa’s new born,  prince Dyllan, and revealed that he has been giving Hamisa so much money for the child’s up keep.

Seems like he was saying nothing close to the truth because on 4th of October Hamisa Mobetto sued Diamond for child support which according to documents attained has not been paid for the past 2 months.

I wonder where the laki mbilli has been going because Hamisa has not received any cash from him.

Diamond need to control his life he is loosing the respect he had in the society and just becoming a shame instead..

Yes his music is doing great and he is getting international recognition but  his personal life is nothing but a bag of scandals.

Anyway Diamond take a page from Ali Kiba’s book and how to lead your personal life.

Hamisa sue him for all you can get because he is turning into a very arrogant boy who thinks he can just disrespect the mother of his children the way he wants and avoid being a father to his children.