How To Achieve The Perfect Pouting Lips

Written By : bryan dano


How to achieve the right pouting lips, guys would double-back to? Easy!

There’s nothing worse than wearing a bold look and having lipstick on your teeth. Below are some quick tips and tricks to get the most from your lipsticks as you pout.

1.  Exfoliate:

Removing all the dead skin from your lips will leave them soft and improve the overall appearance. Combine an equal amount of sugar and honey to make a lip scrub and then brushing off with a toothbrush; or just use a damp toothbrush. Lipstick cannot adhere as well to lips that are dry, chapped, or cracked.


Use a good lip balm to retain moisture and prevent dry cracked lips. Do not use too much as this will prevent the color from sticking to your lips. Wipe off the excess. Unlike the skin surrounding them, lips have no oil-producing glands to form a protective barrier, leaving them susceptible to sun and wind damage.

3.Apply foundation:

When applying foundation to your face, dab a little on your lips as this gives the lip color something to adhere to. It also creates a nice base for the lipstick.

4.Line your lips:

Use a sharpened lip pencil to outline your lips. Using the side rather than the tip gives a softer application that is easier to blend; look for a natural or nude shade that matches the color of your lips.

5.  Apply color:

You may choose to apply a lip-stain under your lipstick, although these can be drying on the lips; the stain will tint your lips even if the other color wears off. Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick; this allows the color to stay longer. Keep in mind that the glossier the lip color, the more quickly it will fade.

6.Blot and lightly apply powder:

Place a thin layer of tissue over the lips and apply loose or pressed powder through the tissue to set the lipstick in place. The tissue gives a finer coverage of powder going through to the lips so that you do not remove the lip color. It allows the color to set.

7.  Reapply color:

Adding a second layer of lipstick after blotting increases the pigment concentration, which leads to a long-lasting look.

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