This 67-Year-OId Man Will Inspire You To Get Your Asses To The Gym. The Wrestling Legend Ric Flair!

Written By : bryan dano

I’m 25 years old, and I can guarantee you that I’ve never once come close to deadlifting 400 pounds in my life. In fact, even if I picked up hardcore lifting right this second, started eating right and trained my ass off, I still wouldn’t be able to do something like that.

You know who can do that, though? Wrestling legend Ric Flair, who, even at 67 years old, is one of the most beastly humans on the planet.

Showing off his strength today, The Nature Boy posted a video onto his Twitter of himself hoisting up the 400 pounds while at the gym. Pretty impressive for a man who should be closer to retirement than beating guy’s up who are half his age.

Flair, who has an upcoming ESPN “30 for 30” documentary coming out sometime this year, added the caption, “I.Will.Never.Retire. #17″ to the video, which seems appropriate knowing geeked up with energy this dude always is.

For those debating whether or not you should go to the gym after work or head home because there’s leftover pizza in the fridge, let Ric Flair be your motivation to hit the weights and work off those holiday calories, because who wants to be put to shame by a guy nearly pushing 70 years old?

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