6 Types Of Food You Need To Be Eating For That Glowing Skin

Written By : melvine

Many people use sun protection on daily basis to protect their skin from sun damage, we normally forget to pay that extra attention to our skin.

There are so many nutrients we can get in various foods to help strengthen our skin cells keeping the skin much safer from sun damage.
Yes a good SPF will definitely give you that strong skin protection but eating the types pf food listed below will fortify your skin against the sun.

Omega 3

Omega 3 can be found in food like Mackerel, salmon, flax seeds, walnuts. It helps in keeping your skin youthful and moisturized and have anti-inflammatory benefits that lessen sun damage, rashes, and burns.

Vitamin A

Both Vitamin A and C work in the same way.  They both help normalize skin functions, increase blood flow to the skin’s surface and slows free radical damage, which all make your skin less susceptible to harmful sun damage.

These vitamin can be found in Carrots, sweet potato, kale, spinach.

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